Integrity Statement

The integrity of the information and recommendations on The Financial Engineer are of upmost importance. I promise never to post deceptive, incorrect, or purposefully incomplete information.

Fiduciary Responsibility

I will hold my posts and any comments on The Financial Engineer to a fiduciary standard towards my readers. This means that I will always provide information that is to my knowledge the best course of action for readers, and not merely an appropriate one. I shall put my readers’ financial goals before my own.


Recommendations will only be provided for products and services with which I am deeply familiar. Recommendations will disclose, or refer to a full review with such disclosure, of my use and familiarity with the product or service. Most recommendations are for services that I use personally. However, some will be for products and services that I have used while providing professional services or while consulting. Occasionally, I will make a recommendation according to what I have heard from close peers or others whose opinions I regard highly. I will make clear my personal lack of familiarity in these cases.

Affiliate Marketing

When a product or service offers an affiliate marketing program my links will be an affiliate link. You may always search for the product or service yourself if you do not wish to follow and affiliate link. The presence of an affiliate program not influence whether a product or service is recommended. An affiliate program will not affect my overall rating or review of the product or service.


Any information collected from users, such as names or emails, will not be sold to third parties. Personal information will be protected from disclosure to the fullest extent of the law.